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Ten Years After – Erste Lage Review

What are wine pros doing after a long tasting day? They take part in another tasting. That’s what we did after the Erste Lage tasting at Schloss Grafenberg. 

An evening highlight this week was the retrospective on the topic “Maturation potential” of wines from the Erste Lage. Four flights, 20 wines each ten years of age. 

In a nutshell: Some of the wines have developed wonderfully. This again confirmed that we drink a lot of wines too early. Here is a small personal selection. 

The Mantlerhof Riesling Steingraben Reserve 2010 was fresh, multi-layered with an attractive herbal and salty finish. Lemon, kumquats, herbaceous. Just beautiful.

Fred Loimer’s Riesling Seeberg 2010 was a dancing queen: Intense fruit with white flowers, complex and dense with fresh minerality in the finish. Great to enjoy sip by sip.

For Grüner Veltliner, I particularly enjoyed two wines. Schloss Gobelsburg Grub 2010 – Classic, mature and incredibly complex. Apple, herbs, smoke with honey and subtle earthy notes. Superb.

Outstanding also Türk Thurnerberg Reserve 2010 with its delicate fruit and herbs and its very lengthy finish. 

You can also ripen a Gemischter Satz excellently, as Wieninger Nußberg Alte Reben 2010 has shown. The salty, grippy structure was fascinating. 

Also fascinating was the selection of mature reds such as the multi-layered Spitzerberg 2010 from Pelzmann, the Zweigelt Schüttenberg from Artner and Netzl s Anna-Christina blend in its soft international style.