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Open Balkan Wine Vision

I am still a bit exhausted after the Ope n Balkan Wine Vision in Belgrade. We had a very professional event that impressively showed how strong the wine scene in the Balkans has become.

We tasted hundreds of wines and discovered highly exciting tops. For example, the very linear and focused Pesak Sivi Pinot Grigio 2021, the fresh and yet very multi-layered sparkling wine Triumf Noir by Aleksandrovic, the Barovo Red 2019 by Tikves and many others, especially from autochthonous grape varieties such as Prokupac or Vranec. I was also pleased that there were only very few low performers. This was different a few years ago and shows the high level that the wine scene here has reached in the meantime.

I also discovered highly exciting wines away from the competition tastings. The spectrum here ranges from the classic but incredibly velvety and multi-layered Merlot Mi by Radovanovic or orange Gewürztraminer by Chateau Kamnik.