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My Burgendland Highlights 2017-2018

What are the best Blaufränkisch from Leithaberg and Eisenberg? Today, we explored the answer on these question – at least for the 2017 and 2018 vintage. 

Together with 18 whites, 32 Blaufränkisch from Leithaberg region and 28 wines from Eisenberg in Southern Burgenland were included in this tasting in Schloss Grafenegg.

I started with the Leithaberg wines – some from limestone soil, some from schist. I preferred the impressively focused wines with their precise acidity and lingering chalky finish from the limestone soil. Nevertheless, I found also great examples from schist with intense savoury fruit and a lovely spicy finish. 

Regarding the producers; I had four favourites from Leithaberg: Nittnaus, Heinrich, Prieler and Altenburger

John Nittnaus Gritschenberg 2017 is just a monument. Fresh and elegant with concentrated dark fruit and violets. Focused, tight, with fine-grained tannins and a fantastic length. They also had terrific chardonnays in the lineup.

Markus Altenburger´s version of the same vineyard site revealed a more savoury character with cherries, prunes, figs, warm earth and beautifully silky tannins. 

Gernot Heinrich sent a gorgeous double – with the „Ried Alter Berg“ as my favourite wine. Elegant, with layers of fruit and noble spice. Dense and dancing at the same time. 

A class of its own also Georg Prieler´s Ried Marienthal 2017. Multilayered red and dark fruit, spices and topnotch tannins. Ultralong with a salty mineral finish. Also worth a try: His stunning Pinot Blanc Ried „Haidsatz“. 

From Eisenberg region, Krutzler´s Ried Weinberg 2018 made my day with its freshness, intense but elegant fruit and its fine-grained tannins. 

Wachter-Wiesler presented also wonderful savoury and multilayered Blaufränkisch from the 2018 vintage. 

Just some additional remarks regarding the white wines: If you get a hand on Tinhof´s Weißburgunder and Neuburger from Ried „Golden Erd“, please give them a try. They are worth more than a glass. 

And don’t forget the ripe but still elegant mineral Chardonnay “Lama” from Esterhazy winery