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VDP Große Gewächse Tasting

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I love this picture the VDP photographer took of me at the VDP pre-premiere of the Große Gewächse (Grand Cru) tasting yesterday. Tasting over 400 wines is a real challenge for the palate – especially with so many high acid 2021 Rieslings in the lineup. Here are some of my favorite Rieslings from all over Germany (there are many, many more):

Peter Lauer Ayler Kupp 2021: salt and freshness frame a tight lime driven essence.

Van Volxem Scharzhofberger 2021: superb symbiosis of freshness and fruit expression – lime, peach, melon, saffron, tea and a lot of minerals.

Clemens Busch Marienburg Fahrlay 2021: crisp, intense, white flowers, anise, fennel, long lingering finish.

PJ Kühn Doosberg 2020: elegant, long and dense with yellow fruit and a lingering mineral finish.

Max Müller Am Lumpen 2021: lemon tart, peach, apple, spice and a dense, creamy mid-palate.

Schäfer-Fröhlich Felseneck 2021: beyond its extremely demanding funky layers it shows beautiful lemon, tea and wet stone.

Christmann Idig 2021: dense and multilayered with citrus, spice, anise, licorice and tobacco.

Rebholz Im Sonnenschein 2021: lemon tart, white peach, herbal notes, very long and charming.

Wittmann Brunnenhäuschen 2021: wet stone, lemon, tobacco, juniper, tea. Dense and intense.

Schaitmann Götzenberg 2020: shining lemon, apricot, attractive reduction, superb freshness.