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Old Wines to share

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This evening is a prime example, why I Iove so much what I am doing. Meeting friends, having great talks and enjoying extraordinary wines – that’s what is all about. It´s just magic. when all things come together at their focal points. This is, what happened tonight. The wines where not in the focus this evening, but still deserve some attention. They showed, why we should give some wines time to mature and to shine.

Weingut Hirsch „Steiner Pfaffenberg“ 1993 with a perfect condition of its cork and nearly perfect filling level. The wine shined with its linear acidity, elegance and multilayered aromas of lime, gunflint, honey and toasty orange marmelade.

Second wine was a 1990 Riesling Spätlese trocken from Weingut Nittnaus, which made my perfect partnership with my Schnitzel. Lemon, stonefruit on the nose and palate. Not as focussed as the Hirsch, but much richer and riper. Shows its warmer origin, but not overpowering or lacking finesse. We emptied the bottle easily.

The Loibenberg Riesling Kabinett 2000 from Dinstelgut Loiben completes our Riesling trinity of the night. For sure not the most concentrated and complex wine from the region, but wonderful to drink and to enjoy. Lime and toasty aroma, with a dash of orange marmelade, kerosene and smokiness in the finish was a refreshing and delighting finish of our meal.