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Happy Birthday, Riesling!

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Happy Birthday, Riesling! My favourite white grape variety celebrates its 586th anniversary today. Riesling was mentioned in a document for the first time on March 13th 1435.

How to celebrate this special occasion? With a nice bottle of Riesling, of course.I have chosen a real “classic”: Schloß Johannisberg Spätlese Grünlack 2019. I had purchased some bottles just two weeks ago for cellaring but couldn’t resist opening one today. 

Schloss Johannisberg is the spot in the Rheingau where the Spätlese has been “invented” – at least that’s one version of the story. In 1775 the messenger who was supposed to get the bishop’s harvest permit was said to have been late. The monks nevertheless harvested and vinified the grapes, which had been affected by noble rot in the meantime. The resulting “late harvest” delighted everyone.

The grapes of the Johannisberger grow on a south-facing quartzite slope, which lies exactly on the 50th parallel. A perfect terroir for Riesling – even in the 2019 vintage.

The wine thrills me with its incredible balance of freshness and residual sweetness. It is dense, juicy and elegant. Aromas of white flowers, peach, apricot, lime, mango and meadow herbs. Extremely long and intense finish. I drank it way too early but had no regrets. Great effort, Stefan Doktor!