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VDP Grand Crus from Home

Here are my Big Five from the tasting of the very well organized VDP’s Großes Gewächse (Grand Cru) in Fellbach today. I chose a favourite for each variety shown, although this was not always easy due to the overall high quality of many of the 58 wines.

My favorite Riesling was Rainer Schnaitmann’s Uhlbacher Götzenberg 2019, with crystal-clear acidity complemented by ripe fruit, minerals, spice and a pleasing creaminess. Very long and intense, complex.

Also top: Rainer’s Riesling 2019 from the Lämmler and the Pulvermächer 2019 from Moritz Haidle.

Of the Pinot Blancs shown, the 2019 Gips Marienglas from the Aldingers scored ahead of the more classic Herzogenberg 2020 from Wöhrwag because of its toughness. Very reductive, fresh and with densely packed fruit. White flower, melon, peach with some pear and hay. Excellent length and intensity. Savoury mineral finish, dense and complex.

In return, I enjoyed the very well-balanced and delicate Pinot Gris 2020 Herzogenberg from Wöhrwag. Interestingly, the 2019 Lämmler Grauburgunder from Rainer Schnaitmann was not in the top condition of Wiesbaden today. Perhaps it was due to bottle variation.

However, Schnaitmann was minimally ahead of the strong competition in the Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir). As a result, I preferred his 2019 Lämmler a little better than the Aldingers’ Lämmler, which was also very good as well as the 2018 Linnenbrunnen from Ellwanger and Beurer‘s Öde Halde.

And with the Lemberger? Here I enjoyed the very focused Gehrnhalde 2019 from Ritzi Haidle. More grip than the pleasing Berge 2019, excellent dense, intense very long, lingering with great grip on the palate. Superb: Schnaitmann’s Lämmler. Schlossberg 2019 from Neippberg is classic and also good as well as Dautel, Heid, Wachstetter.