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Fortified Sweet for the Sweet

.It is such a shame that fortified wines are out of fashion these days. Too much sugar, too much alcohol I often hear from people. However, wines like Port, Madeira or this Rutherglen Grand Muscat from Campbells can be an excellent way to complete a dish.

We combined the Grand Muscat with our Serbian nut cake, and both fit together very well. Half bottle, half cake. Just perfect.The Grand Muscat from Campbells is a true classic. It reflects the long tradition of fortified wines in Australia. They dominated much of the Australian wine market before today’s wine styles replaced them. The Grand Muscat comes from a Solera whose beginnings go back to the 1950s.

At that time fortified wines represented over 80 per cent of Australian wine production, now they only account for around two per cent. The Muscat grapes are harvested late, and fermentation is stopped early by fortification before maturing in the solera.

The Campells is incredibly fresh and balances the residual sweetness and alcohol perfectly. The aroma spectrum is complex—many layers of raisins, chocolate, toffee, lime and cocoa. On the palate, it is creamy and opulent with a handy tannin and a long delicate finish.