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Sparkling Australia

Before Xmas is over, I enjoy a glass of Patritti Sparkling Shiraz Dover. The bottle was a leftover from a video shooting yesterday. Although the Germans are champions in drinking sparkling wines, sparkling shiraz is not very well-known here. Too bad, because Sparkling Shiraz is an excellent drink for any occasion. The wines are perfect for an extensive breakfast and lunch or just for a relaxed evening. 

Sparkling Shiraz has a long tradition in Australia. The Victorian Champagne Company launched Sparkling Shiraz for the first time in 1881. Since then, they have become an inseparable part of Australian wine and food culture.

Patritti’s Dover Sparkling Shiraz is sourced from McLaren Vale. It was made with traditional bottle fermentation. The Dover masters the balance of fruitiness and seriousness superbly. Berries and spice aromas dominate the bouquet and palate—blackberries, blueberries, dark cherries, pepper, chocolate and a subtle earthy note. In addition, the wine shows fine bubbles and has a very good length.