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Real Wine vs Virtual Worlds

Film shooting for a hybrid event next week – a combination of on-site event and webinar. It’s unbelievable how COVID has changed our communication in the past months. 

And yet I am glad that we all can share a glass of wine again. Because wine offers an emotional and social dimension that cannot be expressed digitally, that’s why I love wines that take time, that demand and make us think and discuss.  

That’s why I have made Roxanich Antica 2011 from Istria the wine of the day. The Croatian winemaker Mladen Rozanic puts above all on one thing: time. I tasted his wines for the first time a few years ago in Vienna. Since then, they fascinate and challenge me. 

The Malvasia Antica 2011 is made from the indigenous grape variety Malvasia Istriana. It was left on its skins for six months before it matured for another six years in large wooden vats. Then, it was released for sale without filtration and only with minimal SO2. 

The result is an almost amber-coloured wine, which fascinates me, primarily because of its texture. Fresh with a tight tannin grip – like red wine. It is also incredibly dense and complex: apricot, almonds, earth, dried yellow and red apple peel, meadow flowers and chamomile. Touches of sherry, vine leaves and black tea to the palate. 

All of these aromas take time and air to develop. And they need a big glass to breath