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Nusserhof Gloria 2013

I am preparing for a masterclass next week. One of the most exciting wines is the Gloria 2013 from the South Tyrolean Nusserhof. For me, this Lagrein shows how individual this autochthonous grape variety of Alto Adige can turn out to be. 

Elda and Heinrich Mayr’s estate, which covers only 2.4 ha, has been certified organic since 1994.  They ferment their wines spontaneously and uncompromisingly accentuate the characteristics of each grape variety. 

The vines for Gloria are up to 80 years old and grow on alluvial soils. Like all their wines, Gloria is fermented spontaneously and on the stems and is only matured in large wood. 

The 2013 vintage perfectly expresses the coolness and uncompromisingness of the vintage. Very straightforward with grippy tannins. Blackberry, plum, black cherry, olive, spicy notes like nutmeg, smoke, dark earth and bacon.  

Long, salty finish. Not a wine for casual drinkers, but profound and fascinating. The perfect choice for individualists.