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Nothing for label drinkers

This 1976 Riesling Auslese Lieserer Schlossberg from Schloss Lieser in the Mosel region is the best proof that the inner virtues are what counts, not the condition of the label. 

The bottle was part of a lot from an auction that I bought for very little money. Excellent filling level, healthy colour and a very good cork are the best prerequisites for drinking pleasure. The Schlossberg is a site with light, skeleton-rich slate soils. The wines from this site are somewhat lighter but can still ripen excellently, as this Auslese shows. 

This steep slope faces west, so the vines are not hit so mercilessly by the midday sun. This property is an advantage in a hot year like 1976.  

It’s fascinating that this Riesling was harvested when I was starting school. Which of us has held up better? That’s for others to judge. The Riesling, at least, has developed excellently: Lemon zest, dried fruit, fallen leaves, hay flower and honey notes with a very intense and savoury yet cheerful ageing bouquet (Altersfirne). Medium length. A little past its peak but still a lot of drinking pleasure.