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No Straw Wine but Wine with a Straw

This wine is so fresh and delicious that I could enjoy it even directly from the bottle with a drinking straw.
I picked a 2009 Chateau de Fargues from Sauternes to go with our Serbian apple pie today.⠀

For me, this neighbouring estate of Chateau d´Yquem is one of the best estates besides Yquem. The 2009 vintage is a blend from 80% Semillon and 20% Sauvignon Blanc. ⠀

The high percentage of Semillon provides a lovely suppleness and creamy texture, while the Sauvignon blanc adds a mouthwatering freshness to this monumental wine. 
The style of this wine is defined by the grapes which are affected by noble rot. The cold water of the small river Ciron that flows into the warmer Garonne create fog in autumn, that foster the growth of botrytis cinerea.

This beneficial fungus punctures the grape skin, let the water evaporate from inside, but also transforms the chemical composition of the grape. 
The result is a wonder in the glass. Golden colour, an overwhelming multilayered aroma and taste of apricot, quince, peach, apple, ginger, nutmeg and vanilla, beeswax and honey. Fresh, opulent, super complex with a pleasant bitter twist in the long-lasting finish. So happy to have another three bottles of this beauty.