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Testing the new Spiegelau ´Definition´

It’s time to compare glassware once again. Some time ago, Spiegelau sent me three glasses from the new Definition series to test. Here are my first impressions, which I gathered during a presentation in cooperation with the Bürgerspital Würzburg. 

At 120 grams per glass, the Spiegelau are very light, delicate and optically very, very, very close to my Zaltos. Picture comparison: Zaltos on the left, Spiegelau on the right. Find the difference ;-).

But while the Zaltos are handmade, the Spiegelau glasses are produced by machine. This is also reflected in the price, which is significantly lower for Spiegelau than for Zalto. It is awe-inspiring what is possible in terms of production technology nowadays. 

Haptically, the Zalto glasses feel a touch finer and more elegant, but you can only really sense this in a direct comparison. When tasting, Zalto is also a touch more precise, especially with the universal glass, but Spiegelau does not show itself to be far off even here. 

Conclusion: Even if I stick to my Zaltos personally, the Definition series is interesting because of its attractive price-performance ratio for gastronomy and those end customers for whom it doesn’t have to be a handmade glass.