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VDP Große Gewächse – everything but Riesling

It has been a week since the VDP tasting of the Großes Gewächse in Wiesbaden and I still owe you my favourites beyond the Rieslings. Here are some of the wines that I particularly enjoyed: 

Among the Spätburgunders, one of my favourites was again the collection of the Fürst family from Bürgstadt in Franconia. Both the Hundsrück 2020 and the Centgrafenberg 2020 caught my attention. The Centgrafenberg with its attractive silkiness: elegant, strawberry, cherry, oak spice, very dense, long with a lingering finish. The Hundsrück with its structure and potential: perfumed violet, cassis, sour cherry, fine grip of dense tannins, xmas spice and dark chocolate. 

Very strong in Pfalz, the Christmanns with their Idig – pure cherry fruit, very long and lingering, sour cherries, beetroot, rose hips, orient spices, oak has to be integrated further. 

The Hubers (Baden) delivered another excellent collection. The Bienenberg “Wildenstein” shows a wonderful aromatic profile with lots of dark fruit, attractive reduction and fine tannin. 

Huber is right up there with the Chardonnay and Grauburgunder as well: The Bienenberg Chardonnay: reductive, great length and savoryness, creamy and long with superb complexity – pear, apple, red skin peel.

Among the Pinot Blanc, the Salwey and the Rebholz wines caught my attention once again very positively: I noted for the Rebholz Mandelberg: fresh, spice, lime, long and lingering excellent stuff, mineral finish. 

Not to forget the Silvaner: One of my highlights here was the Thüngersheimer Rothlauf by Rudolf May with its clear focus, although it needs much more time than the accessible Himmelspfad. Excellent also Max Müllers Ratsherr Silvaner.