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Fast Harvest at Casa Curtius

Speed harvest in my fastest t-shirt at Casa Curtius today. I’m a kind of “nano” grape grower. While others have terraces in the vineyard, I have vines on my terrace. At least I own two of them. It’s unbelievable how the grapes accumulated sugar within a week. Gosh, I almost missed the optimal picking window. Do I make wine from them? Nope, we prefer to eat the grapes and to drink professional wine.

To celebrate harvest, I have chosen a wine from the same year I planted the two vines. The Chateau Plince 2011 was the perfect wine for this warm autumn day. Elegant acidity, medium-bodied, savoury dark berries, plums, figs tobacco and smokey aromas and fine-grained tannins. A typical Pomerol based on a majority of Merlot. Cheers!!