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Discover matured Coonawarra Shiraz

Coonawarra Cabernet is a modern classic. Everybody serious about wine should get to know this style. But do you have ever tasted a well-matured Coonawarra Shiraz? If not, you missed something. Since the 1960ies with the worldwide rise of Cab brought Coonawarra Shiraz in the defensive, but try to get a hand at the good ones. 

The 1994 Michael Shiraz from Wynn´s Coonawarra Estate is one of those unique wines which illustrate how beautifully a great Shiraz can develop when you have the luck to open a nearly perfect bottle. 

The moderately cool climate conditions and the Terra Rossa limestone soils of this remarkable place produced an intense and yet elegant wine. Fresh with just 13 % abv, softened tannins and an excellent length. Complex aromas of savoury dark cherries, dried leaves, tobacco, pepper and liquorice were a great partner for our dinner – even if oxygen let the condition of the wine decrease fast. 

Good to know: The name Coonawarra comes from an Aboriginal word for al local honeysuckle that has its home in this region. Coonawarra is located around 100 km away from the ocean. However, its cooling breezes still has a strong influence on the climate and growing conditions.