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Detonation from the Mosel

 If there is to be a detonation, then it should come from a magnum. This 2016 Mosel Riesling from the Immrich-Batterieberg winery in Enkirch is perfect for a relaxed Whitsun evening. It is a blend of grapes from the Dhroner Hofberg, the Oberemmeler Altenbergdem and the Kinheimer Rosenberg. The average age of the vines is 70 years. 

Winemaker Gernot Kollmann achieves the perfect balance of fresh drinkability, composure and seriousness. An entry-level wine in the Immich collection that is not at all entry-level. Vinified in stainless steel without frills, the unique character of the terroir is already evident here. Very precise mouthwatering acidity meets a very fine and yet well-ripened fruitiness. Lime, white peach, a little yellow apple and salty minerality. Tight on the palate with a delicate creaminess on the palate. 

The Immich-Batterieberg winery is one of the oldest wineries on the Mosel, some of whose sites were already mentioned in Carolingian times. The name goes back to the Immich family, which, with over 500 years of winegrowing history (1425-1989), is one of the oldest wine families in the region. 

Batterieberg refers to the estate’s best-known site, blasted into the landscape with dynamite batteries in the mid-19th century – terraforming in the early days.