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Blended Webinar

Today’s morning we dedicated to the motto “Cuvée”. During a webinar of the German Wine Institute, we discussed the role of German red wine blends with vintners and sommeliers. A cuvée of a different genre concluded our evening – a refreshing Sekt. We Germans are, after all, the world champions in sparkling wine consumption. On average, each of us consumes about four bottles per year. Unfortunately not always top quality.

Luckily, the Reichsrat von Buhl Reserve Brut is an example for the outstanding sparkling wines that skilled winemakers create with top grape material. The Non-Vintage Blend consists of two-thirds Pinot Blanc and one-third Chardonnay and has spent 36 months on the lees. Citrus, apple and pear aromas with brioche and nuts in the finish. Fine effervescence of bubbles and a lovely creaminess on the palate. Fresh and yet with a lot of depth.