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Big Bottle Buerklin

Happy New Year to everybody!! No fireworks were allowed here yesterday because of Covid, so we opted for big bottle formats as a defence against the nasty ghosts from 2020 coming with us into 2021.

We had a lot of fun with the Weißburgunder (Pinot Blanc) from the Palatinate winery Bürklin-Wolf from the 2018 vintage as an entrée into the evening. The bottle was an impulse buy that very morning.

I like the grape variety because you can combine it so well with different dishes. Moreover, it is particularly digestible for acid-sensitive guests, for whom the acidity of Riesling is too high.

Bürklin-Wolf has been farming the vineyards biodynamically since 2005. Most people know mainly their Rieslings, but they should definitely try their Pinot Blanc as well.

The wine is aged in stainless steel and in large oak barrels, allowing the fruit aromas to come to the fore on the one hand, but also giving the wine a certain complexity on the other.

Pear, quince, meadow flowers with subtle spicy notes. Fresh, well structured with a slight creaminess on the palate. Medium length with a spicy finish. Perfect to drink now in its youthfulness. Especially from the magnum, but may well be able to mature a bit further.ghosts