The world of wine is changing faster than ever, and you don´t want to miss any business opportunity. You don´t want to waste time, money and energy discussing standard book knowledge. Neither does Thomas. That´s why we should talk. Wherever you are heading in wine and business. Thomas is your perfect partner.

Real-life, first-hand experience 100%
"Tailor-made" services 100%
Energy to inspire and engage 100%

You get 100% real-life, first-hand knowledge from a Master of Wine. Moreover, Thomas thinks out of the typical wine community boxYou’ll benefit from lessons learnt in various industries as well as from his international business background and in-depth knowledge of European and Overseas markets. As a senior communications executive in a DAX 30 company, he has developed and executed international leadership, change and purpose projects in phases of fundamental change. 

He connects the dots in this faster than ever developing world, drives excellence and offers a personalised service designed to get you performing at the highest level100% tailor-made, energising and inspiringThere’s no esoteric, wine-geek talk. Let´s call it the German way: straightforward, structured, efficient and effective.

"I share my expertise as a Master of Wine instead of just giving standard book knowledge."
Thomas Curtius MW

Thomas is your keynote speaker, your MC. Your personal trainer for wine. Your coach and consultant. His approach is simple and similar to personal sports coaching. You tell him what you want and he makes the plan. Then, you go for it together. Get your questions answered and fill your gaps with the insider essentials Thomas has learned through his life in wine. It’s all about your specific needs, which is why we don’t offer fixed packages. 

"I´m your personal trainer. You define your goals and we develop your individual fitness plan based on your specific needs and level of expertise."
Thomas Curtius MW

Do you just want an hour’s coaching via Skype? Fine. Would you like a face-to-face coaching in your office or at home? Even better. Are you looking for a series of coaching sessions over weeks, a month or whenever you have time? Perfect. What topics? There are no restrictions. Starting from the basics, like reading a wine menu, right up to a deep dive into a specific region, market or business case

You need an inspirational keynote speaker for your conference, masterclass, tasting or workshop. Whether you are looking for an informational, infotainment or motivational approach. As a Master of Wine, PR professional and trained TV journalist, Thomas has the skills to inspire people. His dynamic personality  makes Thomas a sought-after resource for topics related to the wine business. 

"I believe in storytelling rather than just focusing on the figures, and always with a clear focus on conveying the main message."
Thomas Curtius MW

He never tires of using his energy to inspire and engage his audience, well beyond the podium or on a global stage. Thomas is involved in the education programme of the Institute of Masters of Wine and also gives wine lectures for various international institutions such as the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) as well as keynote presentations at international conferences such as Wine2Wine.

Life has more than one facet – and Thomas sources his creativity from more than just the wine world. Putting his energies into the automotive industry is still important for him. Performing benchmark live communication around the world and participating in the digital change of this sector – all these things keep Thomas moving forward with curiosity.

Thomas is part of the CurtiusWineConsulting family. This network provides the perfect ecosystem for him to get all these things done. The boutique communication and marketing agency is the perfect match for his aspiration to focus fully on his selected projects.

"Developing strategies, concepts and solutions which address your specific needs is the major strength of CurtiusWineConsulting."
Feodora Curtius

Its mastermind and head is Feodora, marketing professional and Thomas’s wife and partner. She founded CurtiusWineConsulting over a decade ago. An owner-managed manufactory with a global network of top professionals. This powerful couple realised the Master of Wine project together. And together with you, CurtiusWineConsulting will bring your vision to life.


Let´s realise your vision. Time is running in 2020.

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