Open Balkan Wine Vision

I am still a bit exhausted after the Ope n Balkan Wine Vision in Belgrade. We had a very professional event that impressively showed how strong the wine scene in the Balkans has become.We tasted hundreds of wines and discovered highly exciting tops. For example, the very linear and focused Pesak…


Georgia on my Mind (2)

"Meat & greet" describes best  part two of my travel experiences with Georgia. On the second day, we travelled to Kakheti. The tradition-rich region is the economic powerhouse of Georgian viticulture. A large part of the country's wine production comes from here. The landscape of the Alasani Valley around the town…


Georgia on my Mind (1)

Last week we were invited to Georgia. We came back with an incredible bunch of impressions and experiences that we had to process first. The combination of tradition and modernity as well as the overwhelming hospitality of the Georgians particularly struck me. On the wine side, I was particularly impressed by the…


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